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In the Episode of the How of Car washing, Industry expert and consultant Prentice St. Clair talks about how automotive detailing has changed over the years and how the advances in automotive paint technology, polished and sealants have contributed to easier and better finished for vehicles. Prentice talks about the three-step process for detailing the exterior of a vehicle and how carwash owners can take advantage of express detailing as an added profit center for their business.

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One of the most recognized names in the automotive reconditioning industry, author, Detailing for Profit Videotape Training Package and numerous other reconditioning training videos. He has written over 70 contributions to the industry’s leading trade publications. Prentice holds four years as the lead trainer for the nation’s leader in automotive reconditioning training centers, training hundreds of people from around the world. He also holds four years on the International Carwash Association’s Professional Detailing Advisory Board and was twice chaired. He was invited to speak at annual conventions such as the ICA, Western Carwash Association, and California Autobody Association. He was seen on Home & Garden Network’s Smart Solutions program. Prentice has provided reconditioning services to vehicle owners, training and consulting to the automotive detailing and reconditioning industry since 1994.


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