Women working at your carwash could be your greatest asset! Claire Moore, Chief Content Officer of the International Car Wash Association (ICA) talks with David Begin about the recent Women Leadership Experience, held this past November in Chicago. Claire discussed the topics and presentations of the event and how carwash owners and managers should consider the unique advantages that women bring to the marketplace and to your carwash operation.  She also touches upon the exciting changes made to the upcoming Car Wash Show to be held in Nashville TN on May 13th-15th 2019.

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Claire MooreClaire is the Chief Operating Officer at the International Carwash Association, and she has been with ICA since 2004.
The International Carwash Association (ICA) is the nonprofit trade group representing the retail and supply segments of the professional car wash industry in North America and around the globe. The Association’s member companies represent more than 15,000 car washes in nearly two dozen countries.
Claire has an extensive background in association management and the development of education and learning service. In the early 2000’s she was the Assistant Director of Admission at Villanova University.
In 2014 she was recognized with the “Forty Under 40 Award” by Association Forum (the association of associations based in Chicago) for her achievements in as an association or nonprofit professionals.

One of her many responsibilities at the ICA is the Water Savers Program.

Claire lives in the Chicago area.


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