OSHA and your carwash business with Bevin Luna. Bevin is an Industrial Hygienist with Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. In this two-part series, Bevin discusses the different types of OSHA inspections and what to do if you encounter an OSHA visit. She also talks about the typical problem areas that carwashes encounter during OSHA inspections. Bevin also give carwash owners some guidance and tips in starting and developing a carwash safety program. Bevin and her team are OSHA consultants and provide free safety program review and inspection services to businesses in Colorado. Bevin talks about OSHA consultation services that other organizations provide throughout the country and how car wash owners and managers can take advantage of this free service. 

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Bevin LunaBevin Luna has five years of experience as an Industrial Hygienist and safety professional with OSHA Consultation and private consultation. During her time as a safety & health consultant, Luna provided safety & health management services to a variety of industries including manufacturing, metal fabrication, woodworking, grain elevators, grain mills, metal recycling, landscape and mulching facilities, machining shops, shooting ranges, food and beverage processing, bakeries, medical clinics, research laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing, construction, and more. Much effort has been placed on air monitoring, noise dosimetry, hazard communication, and safety and health management system assessments. Luna served in the United States Peace Corps as an Environmental volunteer in Mali, West Africa. Luna also has five years of experience as a research coordinator with the department of Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences at Colorado State University. She worked extensively in the field of cook stoves research assessing indoor air quality and the health effects associated with exposures to indoor wood smoke in various locations throughout Central America including Nicaragua, Honduras, and Panama.


Colorado’s OSHA Consultation conducted 291 visits from 2017 to 2018

Here are the OSHA reporting requirements

There are 22 State Run OSHA Plans

You can find OSHA’s most frequently cited standards for the Car Wash industry here

More resources:

Example HazCom Program

Example PPE Assessment Program

OSHA3695 Hazcom Small Business Assistance

Small-business Safety and Health Management Handbook

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