In this episode we interview Mike Fingerthe founder of Exit Oasis. Mike shares his knowledge about selling your small business. Mike shares strategies on how to let go and what to consider when selling your business. When will you be ready? What costs may a small business owner face? Is your business even sellable? Mike has your answers with a simple approach to help small business owners. Mike also shares his personal journey and how he founded Exit Oasis.  

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Mike Finger

Will your business sell with Mike Finger, the CEO of Exit Oasis? A curator of information to help small business owners get their business ready for the eventual exit. As a former carwash owner, Mike shares that 90% of small businesses are considered “unsellable”.

After graduating with a master’s degree in Administration from Hamline University, he started two management and consulting businesses in the Twin Cities. After 15 years of leading and growing to 50 employees, he successfully sold the businesses. He has purchased and successfully sold several other businesses since. As an entrepreneur with a passion for growth, and a proven track record of success, he works to build the businesses he owns, and help other owners build transferrable value in their businesses

Mike encourages business owners to work on the three “D’s” (Desirable, Duplicable and Documented Results) to get their business ready to sell, when they want, how they want and for what they want. Mike has enjoyed buying, selling and running many businesses over the years and always looks forward to the next opportunity.

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