In this episode of the How of Carwashing, we visit with Jimmy Starnes, the CEO of Starnes and Associates and a Partner with Mammoth Holdings, a car wash chain located in Atlanta GA. Jimmy shares his knowledge and insights about car wash customers. Jimmy shares how they trained their management team to recognize the three different types of car wash customer and how to address each type. Jimmy also shares what the average car wash customer is looking for and how a consistent experience is the key to success.

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Jimmy is an executive coach and the founder of Starnes & Associates Coaching. He started his company in 2012 with a deep desire to see individuals live lives of great purpose and finish life well. Through coaching, LifePlanning, and consulting, Jimmy has worked with hundreds of individuals and many organizations helping leaders and teams maximize their potential. He is a consummate professional whose infectious energy and positivity inspire everyone around him. A proven leader and motivator, his organization and preparation are reflected in the successful sales and leadership teams he built for over a decade as an executive in 3 global corporations. Whether you are an individual looking to maximize your potential, a start-up trying to find an identity and mission to reflect your core values, or an established organization seeking to re-focus and galvanize executive teams, Jimmy Starnes possesses the professionalism, credibility, and, above all, passion necessary to help you achieve your ideal future. Jimmy and his wife, Mandy, live in a suburb of Atlanta with their two children.

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