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Claudia St. John Interview – Human Resources Part 3


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This is part 3 of a 3-part series on the topic of Human Resources for our car wash businesses. In this series we interview Claudia St. John, a human resource professional, author, and the founder of Affinity HR Group. In this Part 3 of the series Claudia and David discuss overtime pay, employment law, the value of employee bonuses versus base pay, using other recruitment and retainment incentives, and hiring veterans.

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claudia st. john An author, speaker, consultant and professionally-accredited HR executive with broad industry and international experience helping large and small enterprises develop people strategies for their business success.

Her book, Transforming Teams – Tips For Improving Collaboration and Building Trust-Based on the author’s real-world experience as a consultant helping companies resolve breakdowns in collaboration and trust at the workplace. Using a narrative style to illustrate problem-solving in action, the book follows the challenges faced by a company CEO and her team as they address three central precepts: that all relationships are reparable, that the use of direct language is fundamental, and that members of a team can fix only one thing, themselves.

Through Affinity HR Group, LLC, she helps trade associations and their member companies with the full scope of HR issues, from workplace investigations and legal compliance, to strategic planning and workforce development. Affinity HR is an endorsed Human Resources partner with the International Carwash Association.

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