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Rob Madrid Interview – Eco-Friendly Car Wash Business


Episode Description:

In this episode we interview Rob Madrid, an entrepreneur and experienced car wash industry professional. He shares his interesting background, and the benefits of operating a “green” or environmentally friendly car wash and how they market and communicate this focus to their customers.

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Rob is a bilingual professional carwash guru. He is skilled in all aspects of industry from multi-unit, multi-phase start ups to total company turn arounds. Rob has extensive experience in operations, education, marketing, sales and organizational consulting. He has learned scores of industry best practices while working as a trainer of a large carwash franchising team. He honed those skills at the largest carwash training school in the country. He mastered his own best practices and those practices are being taught to hundreds of carwash operators around the country.

Rob’s experience lies in operations, having served as COO and Director of operations for several full serve, flex serve and express exterior carwash businesses. He is the co-owner of Gleam Carwash an eco-friendly car wash in Denver, Colorado. He also founded Wash Guru, which offers services to people looking to open carwashes and people looking to grow existing carwashes.

Rob resides in the Denver Colorado Area.


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