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Jeff Key Interview – Appraisals


Episode Description:

In this episode we interview Jeff Key, an appraiser and principal with the Herron Companies. Jeff shares his experience and knowledge of the car wash industry and how property and business appraisals are used in the process of developing, selling or buying a car wash business. 

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Jeff KeyJeff came to commercial appraising by way of the civil engineering world. After receiving a bachelor’s degree and a Master of Engineering degree, he spent several years with an international engineering and construction firm, in addition to teaching at the university level.

He is a retired registered Civil Engineer with the states of California and Alaska. His interest in the world of small business led Jeff to join Herron Companies in early 1985, he has been there ever since.Today, Jeff supervises a team of experienced professionals engaged in appraising a wide spectrum of properties around the country. Particular specialties include gas stations, convenience stores, car washes, and hospitality properties. Jeff has published a number of technical papers and articles (including Professional Carwashing & Detailing magazine) and is experienced in litigation consulting and expert testimony.

Jeff lives in Orange County area of California with his wife Betty, and he has two married daughters.


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