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In this episode we interview Brad Mewes, a Principal with Supplement Mergers & Acquisition Advisory and an expert in mergers and acquisitions. Brad shares his background and personal journey. He also shares unique insights and perspective on the impact of private equity on the carwash industry and how to plan and prepare to sell your business.

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Brad Mewes Brad helps you increase the value of your largest asset – your business. He does that by helping your company grow by acquisitions, helping you maximize your price in a sale, and by providing strategic and financial advisory services.
Having grown up working in his family’s auto body shop, Brad has a hands-on perspective on the automotive industry. He received an MBA from UC Irvine (where he graduated top 10% of his class) and an undergraduate degree in Economics from The George Washington University in Washington DC. He has also held roles as an equity analyst and a management consultant.
Brad has also been published globally, including at Divestopedia, a leading online site designed to assist business owners sell their business at the best price and terms, as well as a numerous industry publications in North America, Australia, Africa, Asia and Europe. He is an international speaker, having presented at IBIS, NACE, SEMA (SCRS), BASF, Axalta, AkzoNobel, AASP, Driving Sales, Refinish Distributors Alliance, and AutoMechanika, among others.
He has traveled to 15 countries on four continents. He also speaks Spanish and lived in both Chile and Mexico.
In his off time Brad enjoys watching Bloomberg TV, perusing 10-Q’s, and reading books like “Currency Wars“, “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man“, and “Barbarians at the Gate“.
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