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Bob Schaefer Interview – Conveyor Belt Technology


Episode Description:

In this episode David Begin interviews Bob Schaefer, a carwash industry veteran and responsible for sales and support at Automatic Vehicle Wash (AVW). He shares an overview of conveyor belt technology, his feedback on the Splash! 2017 event, and the impact of industry consolidation. David and Bob share specific points to consider with belt conveyors, including cost of installation and maintenance, retrofitting at an existing car wash, and impact on vehicle throughput.

Automatic Vehicle Wash (AVW) is a family-owned company that believes in manufacturing innovative car washing equipment and building long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships with our customers. From our start in repairing car wash equipment to our current position as a leading global manufacturer of advanced car wash systems, our business philosophy has remained constant: simplify the design and use high-quality materials to build reliable and durable car wash components.

More than forty years of experience and product innovation goes into every piece of equipment we make. We offer custom solutions to meet your unique requirements and develop, design, and build in-house the equipment we sell. We don’t allow commercially available technology to limit design options. If needed, we will make the necessary modifications to existing components, or design a brand new part. We will do whatever it takes to make sure your car wash is simple and easy to operate and provides highquality washes, cost effectively and reliably, on the day it goes live and for years to come.

Bob is responsible for sales and support for AVW.

The AVW family is here to support you, in any way we can, and to help you build a worry-free car wash…which leaves more time to grow your business!

AVW Milestones and Major Innovations:

  • Develops the Circular Motion Mitter (1983)
  • Makes vertical angle of brushes adjustable to vehicle profiles (1987)
  • Invents the modern “Flex Wrap” (1992)
  • Builds the first Detail Belt Conveyor (1999)
  • Fabricates the first Following Wheel Blaster in North America (2000)
  • Licenses and introduces the Kaady Contour Washer (2002)
  • Launches the Belt Conveyor in wet/wash applications (2005)
  • AVW Belt Conveyor builds surpass roller conveyor builds (2011)


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