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Hiring Employees – Part 4 – Initial Training


Episode Description:

In this episode David Begin and Henry Lopez continue their podcast series on the topic of hiring great employees for your carwash business. David & Henry focus on the Initial Employee Training part of the hiring process. Having a thorough and systematic process results in better employees, reduced employee turnover, and the ability to deliver remarkable customer service.

  • What is your process for initial employee training at your wash?
  • Do you a have an Employee and Operations Planning?
  • It’s critically important that you have an attorney review your Employee Manual, and be sure that it covers the legal items relative to your specific state.
  • David & Henry share the basic components of an effective training program for your car wash business: The Vision, Safety, Operations, Customers Service, and Management Skills (for shift leaders and site managers).
  • How do you manage the training process? E-learning platforms are now more common and affordable.
  • We are working on creating and offering an on-line, self-paced, on-demand learning solution for the car wash industry – more details coming soon!

This episode is sponsored by High-Performance Wash Systems.

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