Sam Furno Interview – Liability Insurance – Part 2


Episode Description:

In this episode we interview Sam Furno, a carwash industry veteran and expert in the carwash insurance business. Sam shares his experiences with the car wash industry, insights on the insurance industry, and practical tips & advice for insuring your car wash business. This is part 2 of our interview with Sam, focusing on Liability Umbrella Policies, Accident Damage Claims and maintaining your insurance policies.

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Sam Furno

Sam Furno, a former Northern California full-service car wash owner, is Vice President of the Western Carwash Insurance Agency (WCIA), a division of Wells Fargo of California and a Partner of the Western Carwash Association. He specializes in car wash business insurance: Property & Casualty, Workers’ Compensation and other insurance program for the last 18 years.





Episode 029: Sam Furno Interview Part 1

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