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Pete Ness Interview – Avoiding & Handling Accidents


Episode Description:

In this episode we interview Pete Ness, an entrepreneur, carwash industry veteran, and CEO of NoPileups. He shares his interesting personal journey, his experiences and stories from his many years in the car wash business, and his latest solution to help carwash operators avoid accidents – NoPileups.

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Pete Ness

Pete Ness is a 30 year veteran of the software and carwash industries. Pete started his software career building aftermarket customizations for DRB System’s Sitewatch Point of Sale product before driving-off and later cashiering for a local Boise, Idaho, full-service carwash. Over his software career, Pete has worked for IBM, DRB Systems and for a handful of other software companies. In 1997, Pete developed the software application PingPlotter, a network troubleshooting tool used worldwide by millions which is the flagship product of Pingman Tools which Pete owns and operates. In 2006, Pete became a partner in the Metro Express Car Washes with Bill Martin which they sold to Mister in 2013. In 2010, Pete received a patent for a vehicle tracking system he created to associate vehicles coming from multiple lanes into a wash tunnel. Experienced in technical development, taking a product to market, operations and leadership, Pete is CEO of Pingman Tools and NoPileups.


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