This episode of the How of Carwashing is sponsored by Digital Mosaic. The New Standard in Car Wash Software. Our cloud-based platform helps wash operators make more money, clean more cars, and ensure the best outcome of all — a consistent convoy of happy customers.

How Phone-based Customer interaction tools can improve the customer experience

Episode Description:

On this part 2 episode of The How of Carwashing, David continues his conversation with Matt McCulloch to discuss systems within a small car washing business! How can Mosaic help you to better understand your customers in the car washing industry? Matt McCulloch goes over the main functionality points of the POS System Mosaic and talks about how it can help you organize your car wash so it can operate with no problems!

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They provide our clients with a way to effortlessly institute turn-key subscription and loyalty programs, brand their operations with a custom branded app, and improve their marketing efforts by paying close attention to customer data and analytics. With your private-labelled mobile apps, customers can purchase and activate a wash right from their phone. Want more flexibility around tiered pricing? Mosaic allows you to fully customize your product offerings with only a few clicks.


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