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Understanding the Mindset of an Entrepreneur

Episode Description:

In this episode of the How of Carwashing, David Begin sits down with Joe Trodden of Mindsets Experts to talk about mindsets of entrepreneurs! What are the benefits of having goals as an entrepreneur? How can enhancing your communication skills better your small car washing business and your employees? Are there ways to create a win-win relationship with your staff? Find out how tweaking your business rules can empower and inspire your staff. Joe Trodden discusses the benefits of understanding yourself first so you can better understand your small business!

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Joe Trodden from Mindset Experts is here to help you with getting your mindset in the right place so you can in turn help your small business grow! Where he helps is by getting you onto two relevant frameworks. These route-maps allow you to see where you are on your journey, identify what you need to do next and to take action. One framework is about developing your business strategy, the other is to tap into your subconscious and develop your entrepreneurial mindset.

In terms of his approach he is here to help you get focused then support and challenge you to reach your next level. You can have a brutally honest conversations about what’s really going on inside your head and how you can accelerate your development. The journey is a tough one, but also an exciting one. And it’s the only way to reach your next level!


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