Derek Kaufman Interview – Vehicle Technology – Part 3


Episode Description:

In this episode we interview Derek Kaufman, an automotive and transportation industry veteran and expert. He shares information from a recent study conducted for the International Carwash Association, and his insights on automotive technologies – including a detailed conversation on autonomous vehicles – and the impact on the car wash industry.

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Derek Kaufman

Derek Kaufman is responsible for Schwartz Advisors operations platform and project support. He has dedicated his career to helping companies position themselves for market success and/or profitable exit. In light of the rapid changes taking place in the transportation market today – channel consolidation, more demanding customers, new emerging technologies – he is more devoted than ever to supporting companies and their people in meeting these challenges head on.

Based on his deep experience in the heavy duty truck and general transportation industry, his board background, and his strong industry connections, Derek now serves as a strategic advisor helping companies grow sales, increase competitiveness, make acquisitions, launch products, and increase business value in preparation for sale. Working as a partner, a trusted advisor and an industry expert, Derek strives to bring a unique level of creativity to every situation and assignment that meets his client’s individual needs.

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