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Hiring Employees – Part 3 – On-Boarding


Episode Description:

In this episode David Begin and Henry Lopez continue their podcast series on the topic of hiring great employees for your carwash business. David & Henry focus on the On-Boarding part of the hiring process – from what happens to the first day the new employee shows up at the wash site, to the proper and legal documentation. Having a thorough and systematic process results in better employees, reduced employee turnover, and the ability to deliver remarkable customer service.

  • Where should the employee report on their first day of work, and who will greet them and get them started?
  • Use a “system” to help you execute the on-boarding process consistently and professionally. You can download an example of an Employee Checklist.
  • Are you using E-Verify to validate your employment I-9 forms?
  • Here is a link to the folders David referred to which he uses to organize all of the employee forms: Fastener Folder

Download “Employee Checklist” Employee-Hiring-Record.pdf – Downloaded 319 times – 104 KB

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