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Tony Vertin Interview – Water & Water Reclaim Systems


Episode Description:

Tony Vertin is the CEO of Ver-tech Labs, and a carwash industry expert. In this episode Tony shares his extensive knowledge of the carwash business, including an in-depth discussion of water and water reclaim systems.

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Tony VertinTony Vertin is the CEO of Ver-tech Labs. Ver-tech Labs provides truck, large vehicle and car wash detergents and soaps, and they also offer comprehensive solutions to Clean Better.

Tony has been involved in manufacturing for over twenty years. A graduate of the United States Military Academy (West Point) he served as a commissioned infantry officer in the US Army.

He holds an MBA from the Wharton School – University of Pennsylvania. Tony is an industry expert on vehicle cleaning topics and regularly invited to speak at conferences and write articles for trade publications.

In his free time, Tony enjoys cycling, cross country skiing and building koi ponds for his wife.

Show Notes:

  • Tony shares the story of how he got into the carwash business.
  • Tony and David explore the topic of chemicals and water quality and cost. Water may currently, or certainly likely will soon, exceed the cost of chemicals in washing a car.
  • Water quality depends on the original sources and how it’s treated (by a municipality for example).
  • We need to consider the “hardness” of the water, and the “total dissolved solids”.
  • Tony explains the difference types of water, and their application in cleaning a car.
  • “The harder the water, the more detergent you need to clean a vehicle.”
  • How do you best address “hard” water in a carwash?
  • How is “reverse osmosis water” produced and why is it important in a car wash?
  • Tony also shares his knowledge and advice on water reclaim systems.
  • What is the source of bad odor from water reclaim systems? The source of the smell is mostly cause by Hydrogen Sulfide.
  • Tony also shares his insights on automobile corrosion issues.

This episode of The How of Carwashing is sponsored by Ver-tech Labs.

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