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Jaime Harris Interview – Chemical Delivery Systems


Episode Description:

Jaime Harris is an entrepreneur, and the co-founder, President and CEO of carwash equipment manufacturer Hydra-Flex. Jaime summarizes the history of his carwash equipment manufacturing business, and shares his knowledge of chemical deliver system equipment.

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Jaime HarrisAn entrepreneur with a dedication to innovation, Jaime is the co-founded, President and CEO of Hydra-Flex. Jaime grew up in a small town in the mountains of Montana then ventured out to the Colorado School of Mines where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has over 19 years of product development experience covering a variety of industries, and prior to Hydra-Flex Jaime worked for Koch Industries, Eaton Hydraulics, Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, GP Companies, and 3M. He is passionate about the Carly May Foundation, an organization he and his wife founded that helps children with disabilities. Jaime enjoys all sports, especially coaching wrestling. In his free time he likes any activity with his bride and 3 children.

Show Notes:

  • Jaime shares the history of his company and why he focused on the carwash industry.
  • He explains how they have developed their car wash chemical delivery equipment. Chemical, water and air are precisely combined to deliver the best and most consistent product for the car wash tunnel operation.
  • Jaime also explains the focus on getting the dilution ratios just right for chemical delivery systems.
  • The water pump component of the system is critical to the success of the system.
  • He explains why water quality and pressure affects the effectiveness of the chemicals and the delivery system.
  • Jaime also shares some of the keys to their success in business.
  • David and Jaime also discuss some of the trends in the carwashing industry.
  • Equipment maintenance is critical to effectiveness and longevity. Are your chemical delivery “tips” clean or in need of replacement?
  • What makes for a good and successful carwash operator?

This episode of The How of Carwashing is sponsored by Focused Carwash Solutions.

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