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Shane Wells Interview – Carwash Distributors

Episode Description:

In this episode we interview Shane Wells, an experienced carwash industry professional and co-owner of Hi-Performance Wash Systems. He shares stories from his background and experiences leading up to co-owning Hi-Performance Wash Systems with his brother Rich, and introduces his carwash distributor business.

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Shane WellsShane is the co-owner and partner of Hi-Performance Wash Systems.

Hi-Performance Wash Systems is the largest car wash distributor and supplier in the Rocky Mountain region, specializing in providing car wash equipment and supplies. Serving the Industry for over 50 years, they are a full-service provider assisting you with site selection, financial forecasting, obtaining financing, architect and general contractor selection, equipment recommendations, and follow on support. From start to finish, they assist owners with building and maintaining their car washes. Visit hpws.com for more information.

Show Notes:

  • Shane’s father operated a successful carwash business, including owning Hi-Performance Wash Systems before selling the business to Shane and his brother.
  • He shares how he works will with his brother in their business.
  • Shane shares some details on his carwash distributor business operations.
  • Shane shares his view on the emerging trends in the carwash industry.
  • What role can a distributor partner play in helping you operate your car wash business? What is the business value of a carwash distributor partner? How can they help you build your wash, and how can they help with on-going operations?

This episode of The How of Carwashing is sponsored by Hi-Performance Wash Systems.

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