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Topic: Hiring Part 2 – Screening Carwash Employees

Episode Description:

The How of Carwashing


In this episode David Begin and Henry Lopez discuss the topic of hiring employees at a car wash business. This is part 2 on this topic, and we focus on the overall challenges with hiring and the screening process. Subsequent episodes on hiring will cover the entire process of on-boarding, training and retaining employees. In part 1 (episode 1), we focused on the recruiting process.

Show Notes:

  • David and Henry discuss some of the overall challenges with the hiring process.
  • In this episode they focus on the screening process specifically – how to evaluate applicants
  • Time is of the essence with reviewing potential candidates, because the good candidates will likely get another job is you don’t move quickly.
  • Dave shares how he processes an application or resume received for a position at his car wash business. You should have a consistent process for screening prospective employees.
  • David mentioned that he uses the Indeed online tool for job postings and screening.
  • Attention to detail and following directions is something we look for in the completion of an application or resume. David and Henry share what they are looking for in the application and resume to determine if they will continue considering the candidate.
  • The 2-Step Interview Process: a phone interview first (screening), followed by a face-to-face interview.
  • Henry & David discuss there different approaches and styles to interviewing. They also share different tactics for interviews.
  • Hiring is a continuous process in the carwash business.

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