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Topic: Hiring Part 1 – Recruiting Carwash Employees

Episode Description:

The How of Carwashing


In this episode David Begin and Henry Lopez discuss the topic of hiring employees at a car wash business. This is part 1 of this topic, and we focus on the overall challenges with hiring and the recruiting process. Subsequent episodes on hiring will cover the entire process of screening, on-boarding, training and retaining employees.

Show Notes:

  • David and Henry discuss some of the overall challenges with the hiring process.
  • In this episode they focus on the recruiting process specifically.
  • Tips on how to advertise for “car car industry” employees. The words you use in the job description and posting are critical to attracting the right type of potential employees.
  • How to find prospective employees with a combination of mechanical skills (or aptitude) and customer service skills, and what’s the ideal balance?
  • How important are critical thinking skills?
  • How do you go about defining your ideal employee (what are their characteristics, background, skills, etc.) for your carwash?
  • David & Henry discuss various recruiting methods they have tried over the years, and what is working best in their area recently.
  • What starting wage should you offer to attract a better candidate for your to consider?
  • Hiring is a continuous process in the carwash business.

This episode of The How of Carwashing is sponsored by Diamond Shine.

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