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The How of Carwashing podcast is focused on helping investors, owners, operators and managers with the operation and management of their car wash business. Our podcast is a free on-demand audio program that provides practical advice, tips and techniques for our listeners.

We present a mix of car wash business topic discussions with co-hosts David Begin and Henry Lopez, and interviews with other successful car wash entrepreneurs and product and service professionals. [read more]


Episode 71: Good, Fast and Cheap - You can only pick two!
Episode Description: You want all three, but you can only pick two! David Begin and Henry Lopez discuss the concept of the “Project Triangle or the “Iron Triangle” and how it applies to the carwash industry. While we all want to be good, fast and cheap, the forces of ...
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Episode 70: Expectations - Can I read your mind?
Does your team clearly understand what you want?  David Shares his management journey with team expectations. David explains how unspoken and unmet expectations are the silent killers of high performing teams.  David also shares how this common problem with most owners and managers degrade team performance. Managers and Owners their ...
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Episode 69: The Happiest Place on Earth
Episode Description: In this episode of the How of Carwashing, David Begin shares where his happiest place on Earth is located in his carwash. David goes over how to make your happiest place your employee's happiest place as well. What things should your employees be looking for while a car ...
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Car Wash Maintenance Management
Car Wash Operating System Our software makes it easy to run your carwash locations – at peak efficiency and profitability. Checklists, Repair Work Orders, and Preventative Maintenance – it’s all automated. And you can see what’s happening at any site, in real time, wherever you are. The Carwash Operating ...
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Bevin Luna
Bevin Luna: OSHA - Dancing with the Beast - Part 2 Episode Description: OSHA and your carwash business with Bevin Luna. Bevin is an Industrial Hygienist with Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. In this two-part series, Bevin discusses the different types of OSHA inspections and what to do if you encounter ...
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Episode 000

Topic: Introduction to The How of Carwashing Podcast

Episode Description:

In this episode David Begin & Henry Lopez introduce themselves and The How of Carwashing podcast. Typical episodes will be between 30 and 45 minutes long, and we will release at least one new episode every Wednesday morning. This podcast is for car wash investors, owners, operators and managers.

Henry Lopez David Begin
Henry Lopez David Begin

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