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The How of Carwashing podcast is focused on helping investors, owners, operators and managers with the operation and management of their car wash business. Our podcast is a free on-demand audio program that provides practical advice, tips and techniques for our listeners. We presents a mix of car wash business topic discussions with co-hosts David Begin and Henry Lopez, and interviews with other successful car wash entrepreneurs and product and service professionals. [read more]



Randy Long Interview - Business Exit Strategy
Episode Description: In this episode we interview Randy Long, a small business owner, financial planner, attorney, consultant and author. He shares his life experiences and valuable insights on planning and preparing for your car wash business exit. [Learn more about Randy ...
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Episode 41: Time Management
Topic: Time Management In this episode David Begin and Henry Lopez share their tips & advice on time management and prioritizing skills to help you get more done and grow your car wash business. David Begin explains the "Three Things" technique for getting things done. David Begin is a serial ...
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Brad Mewes
Brad Mewes Interview - Private Equity & Selling 
Episode Description: In this episode we interview Brad Mewes, a Principal with Supplement Mergers & Acquisition Advisory and an expert in mergers and acquisitions. Brad shares his background and personal journey. He also shares unique insights and perspective on ...
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Eric Wulf
Eric Wulf Interview - Where is that Button?
Episode Description: In this episode we feature Eric Wulf, CEO of the International Carwash Association (ICA). We had the opportunity to record his presentation at the recent Splash event in New Orleans, entitled "Where is that button?". He shares ...
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Bryant Ruder
Bryant Ruder Interview - All About Water 
Episode Description: This is part 2 of David Begin's conversation with Bryant Ruder, a car wash industry veteran and expert, and General Manager of SoBrite Technologies. He shares valuable information about water and water usage for carwashes. Bryant Ruder is the ...
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Kristy Babb
Kristy Babb Interview - Regional Car Wash Association Benefits
Episode Description: In this episode we interview Kristy Babb, Executive Director of the Western Carwash Association. Co-hosts David Begin and Henry Lopez also discuss the benefits of association membership. Kristy shares her feedback on the recent Splash ...
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Carwash Manager's Minute
The Manager's Minute video series with David Begin. Educational and informative short videos to help you operate and grow your carwash business. Manager's Minute Episode 6 - 1% vs 99% [Watch Video] Are you focusing on the 1% that is not going well at your car wash? Don't let it ...
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Episode 36: Safety Planning
Safety Planning with David Begin
Episode Description: In this episode David Begin shares tips & advice on developing and implementing a Safety Plan for your car wash business. David Begin is an entrepreneur, the Managing Partner of Wild Blue Car Wash, and the co-host of The ...
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Episode 035: Bob Schaefer Interview
Bob Schaefer Interview - Conveyor Belt Technology
Episode Description: In this episode David Begin interviews Bob Schaefer, a carwash industry veteran and responsible for sales and support at Automatic Vehicle Wash (AVW). He shares an overview of conveyor belt technology, his feedback on the Splash! 2017 event, ...
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Episode 034: Hiring Part 4 - Initial Training
Hiring Employees - Part 4 - Initial Training
Episode Description: In this episode David Begin and Henry Lopez continue their podcast series on the topic of hiring great employees for your carwash business. David & Henry focus on the Initial Employee Training part of the hiring process ...
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Episode 000

Topic: Introduction to The How of Carwashing Podcast

Episode Description:

In this episode David Begin & Henry Lopez introduce themselves and The How of Carwashing podcast. Typical episodes will be between 30 and 45 minutes long, and we will release at least one new episode every Wednesday morning. This podcast is for car wash investors, owners, operators and managers.

Henry Lopez David Begin
Henry Lopez David Begin

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